H2OCHK Benefits

Our hassle-free way to care for your pool/hot tub with your mobile device.

Turn your SMART device into a test strip analyzer with our free APP.

Access your pool/hot tub volume, preferred chemicals, and equipment details 24/7.

Test your pool/hot tub water and get step-by-step treatment recommendations.

View your entire water test history and graphs.

How It Works

Testing Guidelines

  • Get a strip. You need to have one of our H2OCHK test strips. Check our store locator for a dealer near you OR you can simply request a sample below.
  • Download our free H2OCHK APP in the APP store or from Google play. Open and select ‘Read Strip’.
  • Submerge your H2OCHK strip in your pool or hot tub water and then lay it on a flat surface.
  • Align the strip in the camera window and H2OCHK will automatically take the picture once the strip has been detected.
  • Results are immediately shown on the screen. This is your full chemistry report and it’s done instantly!
  • SMART Chemistry takes the guesswork out of maintaining your water’s chemical balance. You only have to setup your dosing profile one time. You input the size of your pool or hot tub and let us know what chemicals you currently use. From then on, we’ll show you exactly which products you need, how much to use, and in the proper sequence.

Test Strip Storage & Use

Store your test strips in a low humidity environment at room temperature. Test strips will be most effective over a long period of time if they are stored properly. Suitable storage will help to ensure the best results until the expiration date.

Keep the cap on securely between uses. Doing this will prevent moisture from entering the bottle of unused strips. It is extremely important that moisture is never introduced to the test strips until ready to test.

Keep wet fingers out of the bottle. Make sure the only water your test strips are exposed to is the pool/hot tub water you intend to test.

Don’t use expired test strips. The expiration date is 1 year from the manufacture date displayed on the container. Regardless of how the container has been stored or handled, test strips have a definite shelf life and should not be used after expiration.



You can download our H2oCHK Test Strip App from the iTunes Store for Apple iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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